FScell200W Wood Flour Packaged

Wood Flour – FScell200W

Filtration Services Ltd can now provide wood flour as a precoat filter aid. FScell200W is our very own brand of wood flour. It is a technical grade, high quality precoat filter medium, which we currently offer in 300kg bulk bags.

Below is a timelapse video of the wood flour forming a permeable filter cake on the Rotavac One P. The video highlights the quality of the filter cake that the wood flour produces. The video itself is a forty minute video, condensed into a thirty second timelapse.



Below is an image of six bulk bags ready to be shipped to a client. The bulk bags ensure the process of shipping the wood flour is as efficient as it can be, although we are looking at providing the wood flour in different packaging and formats.


FScell200W Wood Flour Packaged









If you want find out more information about our FScell200W wood flour then please contact us or leave a comment below. To visit the wood flour page, click this here.

Rotavac Lab - Lab Scale Filter

Rotavac Lab – Lab Scale Filter Brochure

Rotavac Lab Brochure


We have a recently created a new brochure for a lab scale filter, the Rotavac Lab. The Rotavac Lab is an innovative filter, used for product evaluation tests or as a preliminary step to pilot and full scale equipment trials. To find out more, click the image below.


Rotavac Lab - Lab Scale Filter

rotavac one compact rotary drum vacuum filter station

Compact Filter Station- The Rotavac One Series

rotavac one rotary drum vacuum filter

The Rotavac One Series – Compact Filter Station


Filtration Services Ltd have designed and manufactured a continuous compact filter station for use on small volume filtration applications.  The station comprises of a 1m2  compact rotary drum vacuum filter, filtrate receiver, pumps and control panel.  This mini-plant is easy to install and has a footprint of only 1m x 2m, making it ideal for small volume filtration applications.

Dr Andrew Walker, Managing Director of Filtration Services Ltd, said, “This new style of filter is ideal for those applications where the amount of material to be filtered is relatively small; be it an effluent treatment system or low volume production run.  Traditionally, rotary drum vacuum filters have been expensive to install due to the necessary ancillary equipment.  With this design, the entire filtration plant is contained within a single skid.  Our filters are normally much larger than this, sometimes up to 60m2 filtration area, but we recognise the need for smaller, compact units too.”

For further information on the Rotavac One rotary drum vacuum filter series, please contact Filtration Services Ltd.

filtration plant rotary vacuum drum filter

Filtration Services Ltd Supplies Filtration Plant

filtration plant

Filtration Services Ltd supplies 140m2 Filtration Plant to a Major Waste Oil Processing Company’s New Facility in Ellesmere Port

Filtration Services Ltd have supplied a filtration plant consisting of four 35m2 rotary drum vacuum filters to a new, state-of-the-art, oil processing facility in Ellesmere Port.  The filters are designed to remove contaminants from waste and reclaimed oils so that they can be further processed to manufacture biodiesel.

“These filters utilise the best available technology for maximising filtration efficiency and throughput.  Each unit is fitted with our unique automatic knife advance system (AKAS) to continuously remove the waste solids from the drums and optimise the filters’ performance.”, says Dr Andrew Walker, Managing Director of Filtration Services Ltd.

The waste oil processing plant will begin production later this year.

For further information on the filtration plant equipment please contact Filtration Services Ltd.

cutting precoat- rotary drum vacuum filter

Cutting Precoat to 1/20th the Thickness of a Human Hair

cutting precoat- rotary drum vacuum filter

Filtration Services Ltd, a supplier of rotary drum vacuum filters for the bulk separation of solids from liquids has developed a unique precoat automatic knife advance system [AKAS™] used for cutting precoat.  Precoated rotary drum vacuum filters [RDVFs] are used in many industries for a wide variety of applications.  They are used to ensure that the filtered liquid is clear, bright and, above all, solids-free.  Precoat, being diatomaceous earth, perlite or cellulose based, is a sacrificial filter medium used on the precoated rotary drum vacuum filter and a constant, yet necessary, expense to the operation of the filter.  Using precoat more efficiently has a number of benefits which include reduced operating costs, longer filtration cycle times, increased productivity and improved yields.

rotary drum vacuum filter - rotary vacuum drum filter

Dr Andrew Walker, Managing Director of Filtration Services Ltd, says “We developed the first AKAS™ version back in 1996 for a major pharmaceutical company to improve the reliability and operation of their precoat knife discharge system.  The first AKAS™ was limited to a mere 25 microns per drum revolution but this was still a significant improvement on the existing electro-mechanical knife advance systems.  We’re now onto the third generation ‘G3’ control system and are constantly looking for ways to make further improvements and enhancements.  All of our new precoat rotary drum vacuum filters use this technology and we have retrofitted AKAS™ controls onto many other rotary drum vacuum filter marques including Dorr-Oliver, Paxman, Eimco, Stockdale, Alfa-Laval and Lundin.

The AKAS™ uses synchronous digital technology to control the operation of a precoat discharge assembly in increments of 5 micron; about 1/20th the thickness of an average human hair.  This level of control allows the knife advance rate to be finely adjusted and optimised for each application.

Set up and operation of the AKAS™ is quick and easy via the touchscreen interface, with four built-in ‘recipe’ selections for switching between preset values.  The control unit has the capability for local or remote recipe selection depending upon the site specific requirements.

A recently added feature to the AKAS™ is the cut-delay facility.  For applications where the solids content is very low it may not be necessary to cut the precoat on each drum rotation.  For these applications, the knife advance can be paused for several drum revolutions before cutting.  This function, combined with the low incremental knife advance rate, means that nett cut rates of 0.5 micron per drum revolution are possible.

Contact Filtration Services Ltd for more information on cutting precoat, or to find out more.

laboratory pilot scale rotary drum vacuum filter

New Laboratory Scale Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter

We are proud to introduce our newly designed and manufactured laboratory scale rotary drum vacuum filter. This was showcased at the recent Achema exhibition in Frankfurt and received a very positive response. We are happy to announce that this unit is now available for hire.

The unit comes complete with mixing tank (with mixer), feed pump, vacuum pump, filtrate pump and is supplied with all necessary consumables and spares. The filter is fitted with our highly sophisticated AKAS system which is controlled by the touchscreen panel along with the drum and agitator speed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the laboratory scale rotary drum vacuum filter or other equipment. Hire rates are available on application.

Lab Scale Filter - RVDF Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter