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Carrying On Tradition

About Us - Rotary Drum Filters - Filtration Services

Filtration Services was founded in November 1993 following the relocation of Stockdale Filtration System. The company was established by former employees of Stockdale Filtration with decades of experience in the design and manufacture of a range of process equipment. The company’s core business is the rotary drum vacuum filter (RDVF), from the supply of new equipment to the maintenance of existing machinery. Equipment knowledge comes from the historic link to Stockdale and this has been used as the foundation of the business.

Since then Filtration Services has become a leader in the supply of solid/liquid filtration equipment and a specialist in the design and manufacture of the RDVF.

The development of the AKAS System on precoat RVDFs has helped customers to minimize the use of precoat and maintain a high level of control over the throughput and clarity of the filtrate, this is a particularly significant advantage in applications that are prone to varying feed quality.

Various other improvements have been made in the design to make maintenance of the equipment both simpler and faster.

Whilst the basic principle of an RVDF hasn’t change for almost 100 years, Filtration Services’ effort and dedication has ensured that their machines are more sophisticated than their older relatives whilst maintaining the high level of reliability associated with previous designs.

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