Centrifuge Filtration

While Filtration Services focus on designing and manufacturing vacuum filters, such as rotary drum vacuum filters, we understand the need for other types of solid-liquid separation equipment. This of course, is dependent upon the process and application. Because of this, we can offer advice and guidance on other separation equipment such as centrifuges.

The concept of centrifuges has been around for over one hundred years and continues to be used in a variety of industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral processing and petrochemical. The type of centrifuge used, depends on the industry and application. For example; a pusher centrifuge may be used in the bulk chemicals industry, whilst a vertical centrifuge may be used in the pharmaceutical industry. A centrifuge works on the principle of centrifugal force, which is created when a device, usually called a basket is rotated at high speeds on a fixed axis. Separation can be by filtration or sedimentation.

A centrifuge offers a different option for those wanting to process solids from liquids. Centrifuges can be more expensive and harder to maintain that drum filters but do have different benefits when compared with rotary drum filters.

P-100 Pusher Centrifuge

Continuously operating pusher centrifuges

Basket Centrifuge

Batch type vertical axis basket centrifuges

Basket Centrifuge

Batch type horizontal axis basket centrifuges

Ferrum Ltd – Innovation Based On Experience

One such company that specialises in the design and manufacture of centrifuge solid-liquid separation technology is Ferrum Ltd. Ferrum Ltd is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of centrifuge filters. They are based in Switzerland, with international offices in the USA, India and China.

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