rotavac one rotary drum vacuum filter

The Rotavac One Series – Compact Filter Station


Filtration Services Ltd have designed and manufactured a continuous compact filter station for use on small volume filtration applications.  The station comprises of a 1m2  compact rotary drum vacuum filter, filtrate receiver, pumps and control panel.  This mini-plant is easy to install and has a footprint of only 1m x 2m, making it ideal for small volume filtration applications.

Dr Andrew Walker, Managing Director of Filtration Services Ltd, said, “This new style of filter is ideal for those applications where the amount of material to be filtered is relatively small; be it an effluent treatment system or low volume production run.  Traditionally, rotary drum vacuum filters have been expensive to install due to the necessary ancillary equipment.  With this design, the entire filtration plant is contained within a single skid.  Our filters are normally much larger than this, sometimes up to 60m2 filtration area, but we recognise the need for smaller, compact units too.”

For further information on the Rotavac One rotary drum vacuum filter series, please contact Filtration Services Ltd.