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Filtration Services Ltd is a long standing global provider of bespoke capital plant equipment to the processing industry, be it food, pharmaceuticals, chemical, water, bio-fuels, the list goes on.

Sourcing the right capital equipment is an important strategic decision and the experienced experts at Filtration Services understand the pressures and quality requirements needed to bring a project to fruition.

Filtration services can offer bespoke solutions to fit into any customer’s environment. Rarely does a customer have the luxury of an empty shell where a machine of any size can fit anywhere.

The complexity and significance of plant design is an important consideration when sizing equipment and proposing layouts. Overcoming any issues arising from the initial proposals is a common obstacle as this is determined by customer specific requirements. Initial proposals are based on and developed from the customer specific requirements.

The basic objective is to design units that can both achieve the required filtration duty and will fit into the customers’ premises. The expert staff at Filtration Services pride themselves on achieving this in an efficient manner ensuring the seamless transition from concept to installation.

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