• Filtration Services offer in-house training and process consultancy in order to ensure you get the best from your equipment


Process Consultancy

At many chemical and process plants we encounter filtration equipment which has been in operation a considerable number of years. It is often the case that whilst the equipment and its operation have remained unchanged, the process conditions have been tweeked over the years or as we have found in some cases, changed dramatically. The filter media selection and the fine tuning of the machine itself (drum speed, agitator ossilation, knife advance rate) is highly specific to each individual application. If the application is changed and the equipment is not, efficiently will most likely suffer. The common operator viewpoint of ‘if it isn’t broke don’t fix it’, often results in a decrease in process efficiency and an increase in maintenance requirements for the machine. Procedure is often followed blindly following personel changes which can be at detriment of filtration efficiency.

Filtration Services Ltd offer a consultancy service for filtration applications to improve and optimise filter performance. Filtration Services can survey the filter and associated equipment and make a completely objective review of the overall system based on many years experience with solid-liquid separation equipment. Following the survey, we prepare and submit a detailed report covering.

In-House Training

Filtration Services Ltd offer in-house training for process plant operators, process engineers and maintenance personnel. The training sessions are designed to cover a variety of issues associated with filter performance. Training covers basic filtration theory and practice – with a greater emphasis on the practice.

Items covered by the training:

  • Basic filtration theory
  • Effect of particle size (distribution)
  • Effect of solids concentration
  • Use of flocculants and coagulants
  • Use of filter aids
  • Selection of filter medium
  • Alternative filter technologies
  • Filter operation
  • Fault-finding
  • General maintenance
  • Health and safety

The aim is to provide an interesting and informative training programme which will assist in all areas of operation and maintenance of your filtration system. Training sessions normally require half a day to cover general filtration theory and practice, and half a day to cover site specific equipment and to address any particular filtration issues.

The training can be tailored to suit your needs and schedules.

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