• Filtration Services provide service and inspection contracts with the intention of extending the life of filtration equipment


Service Contract

Beyond the work covered by the inspection contract we would undertake the maintenance work detailed to an agreed schedule. Typically this will involve lubricant changes, replacement of wear plate and filter media. As with the inspection contract, the condition of the equipment and any recommended repairs would be reported to you.

Should any work be required over and above that laid down in the schedule then this could be carried out at the same time but in accordance with our standard day work rates. As production disruption is often the main factor delaying necessary maintenance, Filtration Services are used to working to customers schedules and timescales to minimise any disruption caused by a visit. Any quotations provided for a period of maintenance or any duration of service work on site will be carefully priced and the work will often be tailored to meet the customers budget. This does occasionally mean that some work is postponed but the most critical work will be identified and attended to as a priority and this will of course be fully discussed and agreed on before commencent of the work.

Inspection Contract

This contract typically covers an inspection of the equipment at agreed intervals. Following the inspection, a report is submitted detailing any recommended maintenance, repair or spares. The costs associated with supply of any spares would normally be outside the scope of the inspection contract. Any subsequent visits over and above those agreed would be the subject of additional charge.

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