Filtration Services Ltd can now provide wood flour as a precoat filter aid. FScell200W is our very own brand of wood flour. It is a technical grade, high quality precoat filter medium, which we currently offer in 300kg bulk bags.

Below is a timelapse video of the wood flour forming a permeable filter cake on the Rotavac One P. The video highlights the quality of the filter cake that the wood flour produces. The video itself is a forty minute video, condensed into a thirty second timelapse.



Below is an image of six bulk bags ready to be shipped to a client. The bulk bags ensure the process of shipping the wood flour is as efficient as it can be, although we are looking at providing the wood flour in different packaging and formats.


FScell200W Wood Flour Packaged



If you want find out more information about our FScell200W wood flour then please contact us or leave a comment below. To visit the wood flour page, click this here.