• Wood Flour

    We know that having the right type of filter aid is important, which is why we have our very own brand of wood flour, FScell200W.


Wood Flour

Filtration Services offer high quality wood flour for your filtration needs. As a leading manufacturer of bespoke filtration equipment, we know that using the right type of filter aid is important. Wood flour is a technical grade by-product, and when used as a filter aid on precoat filters, creates a filter cake that that results in a high quality filtrate. See our video below for a time-lapse of the wood flour in action on our Rotavac One pilot scale filter. Wood flour is a cost effective filter aid that is often used on precoat filters, but does also have its uses in wide range of other applications.

FScell200W – Our Brand Of Wood Flour

FScell200W is our brand of wood flour. We have run tests on our own precoat rotary drum vacuum filters in order to determine its use as a filter aid, to great effect. The wood flour creates a permeable filter cake, which allows the filtered liquid to pass through. Filtering through a precoat such as FScell200W results in a high quality filtrate.

Filtration Services can offer wood flour in bulk bags, meaning we can provide the product at a competitive price to our customers, resulting in reduced costs overall.For more information on FScell200W wood flour or if you have a query or enquiry, please contact us on:

tel: +44 (0) 1625 616109

email: info@filtrationservices.co.uk

Alternatively, you can fill in the contact form below. For more information on our Automatic Knife Advance System and how it can be used with a filter aid such as wood flour, you can view our AKAS page.


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