Filtration Services Ltd Specialise In The Design And Manufacture Of Bespoke Solid/Liquid Separation Process Equipment.

Filtration Services – A Consultant Engineering Company

Filtration Services Ltd specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke solid/liquid separation, filtration process equipment. The company provides a full and complete service for the correct operation and maintenance of a range of filtration equipment including the supply of spares and consumables, process optimisation, operator training, equipment servicing, process trouble-shooting and machine overhauls.

Filtration Services Ltd provide a unique service for all of the process and filtration industries. If the requirement is to separate solids from liquids then Filtration Services will solve the problem for you. If your requirement is not part of the comprehensive range of equipment available then advice and/or consultancy on filtration, is available to ensure the most effective solution is selected.

Filtration Services are at the forefront in filtration design and development, evident in the design and manufacture of the Rotavac One Pilot Filter Station and the Rotavac Lab – Lab Scale Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter. Filtration Services continue to be innovative in the design and manufacture of bespoke filtration equipment. We also provide expert advice on centrifuge filtration equipment.

Filtration Services also provide wood flour for use as a filter aid. FScell200W is our wood flour product, which can be provided in bulk bags at competitive prices. As experts in filtration, Filtration Services know the importance of using the right kind of filter aid.

The core company values and strategies are centered around providing the most cost effective filtration equipment to the customer in a timely and professional manner. Filtration Services offers the best solutions for your filtration needs.

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Our Services


We design and manufacture various types of filter in various sizes, ranging from rotary drum vacuum filters to tipping pan filters

Service and Inspection Contracts

We provide services and inspection contracts for your filtration equipment, ensuring the equipment is running as efficiently as it can

Process Consultancy and In-House Operator Training

We can provide expert advice on a range of filtration issues, as well as providing in house operator training

Equipment Hire

We have various filters for hire, including our lab scale filter, the Rotavac Lab and our pilot scale filter, the Rotavac One

Filter Media Evaluation

We can provide filter media evaluation in order to advised and aid your filtration process.

Filter Refurbishment

We also refurbish filters, often taking old filters and making them look brand new

Why Us?

Experts In Filtration

Here at Filtration Services we are known for our expertise in the solid-liquid separation industry. Our staff are experts in filtration and can help with various issues or topics on most types of filtration.


Filtration Services was born out of Stockdale Filtration, with staff carrying over a huge amount of experience. Our experience means we can help with a variety of issues.

Highest Quality

Our equipment is manufactured to the highest quality, ensuring the correct equipment is used for the right application. The quality of our filters and supporting equipment is unrivaled.


We are at the forefront of innovation in the solid-liquid separation industry. Whether this is by developing smaller and innovative filters such as the Rotavac Lab or Rotavac One, or by developing our Automatic Knife Advance System to optimise the use of precoat, Filtration Services continue to be a leaders in innovation within the industry.

Bespoke Equipment

The majority of our equipment is designed and manufactured according to the clients demands, applications or industry. This leads to a fully bespoke piece of equipment that is as efficient as it can be.

Great Support

We are known for our high level of support. Whether this is before a filter has even been considered or after a filter is purchased, we continuously offer our support and guidance.

Our Products

Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters

We are leaders in the design and manufacture of the rotary drum vacuum filter. The rotary drum vacuum filter can come in different shapes and sizes. All filters are designed to the clients needs.

Rotavac One

The Rotavac One is our pilot scale rotary drum vacuum filter. This unit is available for hire or purchase. Its ease of use and functionality means it can arrive on site and be up and running within the hour.

Rotavac Lab

The Rotavac Lab is our lab scale rotary drum vacuum filter, perfect for smaller environments such as a University laboratory.

Tipping Pan Filters

Possibly one of the simplest filtration units used in industry today, the tipping pan filter is ideal for batch processing rapid-settling, fast-filtering crystalline suspensions. The tipping pan filter is ideal for small batch applications where dedicated equipment and batch integrity is essential.

Automatic Knife Advance System

The Automatic Knife Advance System for precoat filters optimises the use of precoat, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.

Spares and Consumables

We also provide various filter spares and consumables available for different kinds of filters, including other brands of filters.